Anger Management

Anger is an emotion we all have, but unfortunately sometimes can get out of control.

At these times we may do things we regret, like be verbally abusive, destroy property, be violent, scream and yell and scare and hurt those closest to us.

Usually when we’ve done this, we then feel regret or embarrassment afterwards.

Getting ‘out of control’ like this can be confusing or frightening to ourselves and those around us. If this keeps happening it is important to seek professional help.

Admitting we have a problem with anger is often the most difficult step, but usually the most important, as it heads us on a path to getting it sorted out.

At Counselling Works we will teach you ways to avoid getting out of control with your anger and help you understand what may be causing it.

This will include helping you become more aware of what triggers your anger and noticing danger times and early warning signs.

And finally, we can also help you with better communication skills and self awareness to improve your relationships and keep your anger under control in the long term.

Blair Schulze, Psychotherapist is a specialist with anger problems and has successfully helped hundreds of men . So don’t keep suffering. Contact Blair to arrange an appointment today.



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