Men’s Issues

Lets face it, men and women are different. Our bodies aren’t the same and neither is the way our brains work. The way men interpret information and feel about situations is often different to women.

Unfortunately for men, we are suffering more than ever with stress, anger problems, anxiety and depression.

Alongside this, relationships and jobs today are a lot less stable than ever before.

In the last few years John Kirwan’s television adverts have helped raise the awareness of men’s mental wellbeing and as a result, many more men have been seeking professional advice.



A lot of  men talk about how long they have struggled on alone for, sometimes not even knowing they had a problem.

The relief that many guys express at accessing help is profound. They realise that counselling is not as scary as they thought, that solutions and relief are possible and that happy relationships and a sense of purpose are achievable goals in life.

Blair Schulze has a particular interest and experience in working with men.

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